Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More on why donate?

Why Donate?

About 15 million people in India are visually challenged. It is estimated that about 6.8 million people suffer from corneal blindness. The eyes (cornea) we donate are used to cure people who have corneal blindness. If we pledge to donate our eyes we will be helping someone to see this beautiful world. And in return through his / her eyes you will continue seeing...

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Background to help you understand my motivation

We who can see will hardly be able to imagine how difficult it is not to see. My Grandfather suddenly lost his eyesight in his late sixties. I have always seen him that way, but he could never see me.

He would move around the house very comfortably, but only till things were kept in identical positions. If we would make any change in the house like moving a chair etc...his world would change and make it very difficult for him to navigate without stumbling on anything.

The man that he was, he never complained, I believe he made truce with his situation and I have always seen him live his life with grace and happiness. But I could always hear his unspoken wish to be able to see his grandchildren at least once.

This blog urges everyone to donate their eyes. There are millions of people who could get a chance to see if we pass-on the lamp of our eyes to them.